New Releases

New Releases – August 2017

Transnational Fiesta: Twenty Years LaterTransnational Fiesta: Twenty Years Later
directed by Wilton Martinez, produced by Wilton Martinez and Paul H. Gelles, color, 82 min, 2014

A new look at the Andean migrant family and community in the U.S. first documented in Transnational Fiesta: 1992. The new film follows the Quispe-Abril family as they travel back to Peru to celebrate the annual patron saint fiesta of Cabanaconde that they first sponsored two decades earlier, and also participate in the impressive diaspora version of the fiesta in Maryland. Read more Read More

Transnational Fiesta: 1”992 width=Transnational Fiesta: 1992
directed by Wilton Martinez, produced by Wilton Martinez and Paul H. Gelles, color, 60 min, 1993

Transnational Fiesta: 1992 explores the multicultural and transnational experiences of a family of Peruvian Andean immigrants living in Washington, D.C. It documents their lives there and accompanies them as they return to their hometown to sponsor the annual patron saint fiesta. Read more Read More

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New Releases – July 2017

in-my-mothers-houseIn My Mother’s House
by Lina Fruzzetti and Ákos Östör, color, 82 min, 2016

In 2005, anthropologist and filmmaker Lina Fruzzetti receives a startling email that read, “If this is your father, we are cousins.” There follows a decade-long quest to learn more about her Italian father who died young in Italian ruled Eritrea and her Eritrean mother who does not dwell on the past. Read more Read More

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New Releases – June 2017

by Bahman Kiarostami, produced by Leyla Fakhr, color, 54 min, 2015

Iranian artist Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian first garnered attention in the 1970s when she pioneered contemporary forms of geometric mirror works in a unique artistic language informed by traditional Iranian craft and architecture. Formative years spent in New York in the 1940s and 50s and ongoing conversations with some of the 20th century’s most experimental artists were also part of her artistic universe. Read more Read More

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New Releases – May 2017

Cotton RoadCotton Road
by Laura Kissel, 72 min, 2014

Americans consume nearly twenty billion new items of clothing each year, and at least one billion of them are made in China. Cotton Road uncovers the transnational movement of cotton and tells the stories of workers lives in a conventional cotton supply chain. From rural farms in South Carolina to factory cities in China, we span the globe to encounter the industrial processes behind our rapacious consumption of textile products. Read more Read More

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New Releases – April 2017

Jean-Michel Kibushi: Palabres Animées du GriotJean-Michel Kibushi: Palabres Animées du Griot
by Jean-Michael Kibushi Ndjate Wooto, 72 min, 1991-2004

This compilation DVD brings five of together Kibushi’s best-known works. While all use stop motion animation, Kibushi draws widely on materials — from jointed paper cutouts, to clay, to puppetry, to children’s drawings — set against elaborate backgrounds to convey poignant social and political messages. Whether offering traditional wisdom or political critiques, these films capture the spirit and culture of the people of the DRC. Read more Read More

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New Releases – March 2017 – Faces of Change Collection, Digitally Remastered Edition

Faces of Change – Digitally Remastered Edition

This revolutionary series, unprecedented in its scope and documented by some of the finest ethnographic filmmakers of our time, is now available in an updated edition through DER. These re-transferred films examine four cultures selected for the diversity of their geographic location: starting with the China Coast at sea level and moving up to Afghanistan, Kenya, and finally to the mountains of Bolivia.

Each location is examined through five themes: Rural Society, Education, Rural Economy, Women, and Beliefs. Study guides and supplemental materials are available for free download on the DER website. Read more Read More

Faces of Change – Afghanistan SeriesFaces of Change – Afghanistan Series
148 min, 1974, digitally remastered 2017

Shot in 1972, these films capture the daily economic and social exchanges in the market town of Aq Kapruk, an area northwest of Kabul, inhabited by Tajik and other Central Asian peoples. Living along Balkh river, this agricultural community depended on wheat farming and a pastoral economy. These films offer a window into an Afghanistan on the cusp of change, and serve as a record of the culture and life ways of its rural people. Read more Read More

Faces of Change – Bolivia SeriesFaces of Change – Bolivia Series
158 min, 1974, digitally remastered 2017

Bolivia’s remote Muñecas Province is populated by Aymara and Quechua speaking Indians and people of mixed Spanish-Indian descent, who survive on a mixed economy of potato farming, other high altitude vegetables, and small animal husbandry. This series explores their conflicts over land ownership, age-old control by rich “mestizos” – still referred to as “conquistadors” – poor health facilities, and a struggling education system. Read more Read More

Faces of Change – China Coast SeriesFaces of Change – China Coast Series
113 min, 1974, digitally remastered 2017

Shot in 1973, these films portray two independent cultures of the Soko Islands in the South China Sea — the fishermen and the island farmers — that relied on each other in complex ways. The fishing families provided fish, transport to markets, and other necessities of survival to the island; the island families provided food, a school for the fishermen’s children, and labor when needed on boats and in harbors. Read more Read More

Faces of Change – Kenya SeriesFaces of Change – Kenya Series
121 min, 1974, digitally remastered 2017

The Boran are desert pastoralists in Kenya and Ethiopia who traditionally followed the rains in search for grass and water. Since the 1960s many Boran have elected to settle in a few market towns, such as Marsabit, the district capital in northern Kenya. Those who settle are in contrast to those who pursue the traditional lifestyle, particularly in terms of work, education, and social interaction with the outside world. Read more Read More

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New Releases – January 2017

Blind Bird Singing Rain DVD coverBlind Bird Singing Rain
by Robert Perkins, color, 57 min, 2012

Blind Bird Singing Rain is Robert Perkins’ latest journey: canoeing down the Lower Colorado River in the American Southwest. The film conveys the hard truth of water running out, and the odd reaction people have to this truth. Perkins creates a poetic homage to water and nature’s resilience. Read more Read More

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New Releases – November 2016

Tashi's Turbine DVD coverTashi’s Turbine
by Amitabh Joshi, color, 56 min, 2015

Set in the grassroots of the Himalayan Mountains, Tashi’s Turbine is an uplifting tale of a small village’s attempt to harness renewable, sustainable energy with the power of the wind. Read more Read More

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New Releases – October 2016

Live from UB DVD coverLive from UB
by Lauren Knapp, color, 83 min with 10 min of extras, 2015

Live From UB focuses on the contemporary rock music scene in Mongolia’s capital, Ulaanbaatar (UB), to explore music’s role in shaping the modern nation. Following the musicians in Mohanik — one of today’s most promising independent bands — the film reveals the contemporary synthesis of Mongolian and western influences in the creation of a new sound, and forging of a new Mongolian identity through music. Read more Read More

Live from UB DVD coverChina Remix
by Dorian Carli-Jones and Melissa Lefkowitz, color, 29 min, 2015

This short documentary explores China’s burgeoning African entertainment industry through the lives of three African hip-hop artists who are trying to find success in the face of challenging labor and immigration laws in the southeastern city of Guangzhou. The film follows the entertainers as they prepare for their shows, perform, and live their daily lives with their Chinese and African family members and friends. Read more Read More

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New Releases – September 2016

J.B. Jackson and the American Landscape DVD coverJ.B. Jackson and the American Landscape
produced by Janet Mendelsohn, color, 103 min with 57 min of extras, 2015

This comprehensive compilation DVD highlights the pioneering work and lively personality of John Brinckerhoff (J.B.) Jackson, considered by many to be the father of landscape studies in the United States. It includes the two documentaries Figure in a Landscape (45 min, 1988) and J.B. Jackson and The Love of Everyday Places (58 min, 1989), plus several bonus features. Read more Read More

An Autobiography of Michelle Maren DVD coverAn Autobiography of Michelle Maren
by Michel Negroponte and Michelle Maren, color, 81 min, 2015

When the filmmaker Michel Negroponte (Jupiter’s Wife) received an e-mail from a woman who thought she might be a promising subject for a documentary, a process of collaboration began that would result in one of the most revealing self-portraits of living with mental illness ever made. Read more Read More

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