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New Releases – May 2015

Tender DVD coverTender
by Lynette Wallworth, produced by Kath Shelper, color, 73 min, 2013

In Port Kembla, Australia, a resilient community group is determined to take back the responsibility of caring for their own dead. However, as their plans for a community-based funeral organization gather momentum, one of their own is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Tender is a heart-breaking and beautiful glimpse of an extraordinary group of people dealing with one of the most essential challenges of human life: its end. Read more Read More

Posted on May 7th, 2015

New Releases – April 2015

Swiss Yodelling - 30 Years Later DVD coverSwiss Yodelling – 30 Years Later
by Hugo Zemp, color, 71 min (plus 21 min of extras), 2015

In the early 1980s ethnomusicologist-filmmaker Hugo Zemp filmed A Swiss Yodelling Series examining the particular yodel style of the Muotatal, a small valley in the Swiss Pre-Alps. Three decades later, Zemp returns to the region to continue the investigation with the help of Bernhard, featured as a 7-year old in the original series, now a musician who performs in many genres, including a traditional yootzing group. Read more Read More

Posted on April 25th, 2015

New Releases – March 2015

Argentinian Lesson DVD coverArgentinian Lesson
by Wojciech Staroń, produced by Małgorzata Staroń, color, 59 min, 2011

With lush and intimate photography, Wojciech Staroń documents his family’s move from Poland to Argentina. Struggling to adapt in a foreign country, his 8-year-old son Janek finds a friend in Marcia, a grounded 11-year-old Argentinean of Polish descent. This uniquely cross-cultural yet universal coming-of-age story beautifully portrays the innocence of childhood surrounded by the harsh realities of adulthood. Read more Read More

Posted on March 6th, 2015

New Releases – January 2015

Descending With Angels DVD coverDescending With Angels
by Christian Suhr, 75 min, 2013

A Palestinian refugee in Denmark has been committed to psychiatric treatment for possession by evil spirits, known as jinn. Having been treated with Quranic incantations, he sees no need for further treatment, but psychiatrists believe medication is needed. This film explores the crossroads of Muslim exorcism and psychiatric medicine, which, despite vast differences, share a view of healing as faith in an external non-human agency. Read more Read More

Posted on January 21st, 2015

New Releases – December 2014

Tracks Across Sand DVD coverTracks Across Sand
by Hugh Brody, 270 min, 2012

In sixteen chapters containing four and a half hours of materials, Tracks Across Sand offers a unique chance to travel to the edge of the Kalahari, to a struggle for indigenous rights, and into the heart of contemporary South Africa. Driven from their lands, forced into a life of destitution, and denied the right even to speak their own languages, the ‡Khomani San fight for their heritage. Read more Read More

Posted on December 15th, 2014

New Releases – November 2014

Valley of the Heroes DVD coverValley of the Heroes
by Khashem Gyal, 54 min, 2013

In many Tibetan communities, the loss of Tibetan language has reached a crisis level. An elder generation is passing away, leaving behind fewer young Tibetans can understand their own native language. A rare glimpse at a pivotal moment of cultural and linguistic transition among Tibetans and Muslims in Hualong County, a remote community in Amdo, Tibet, part of what is now eastern Qinghai Province, China. Read more Read More

Posted on November 20th, 2014

New Releases – October 2014

Power to the Pedals DVD coverPower to the Pedals
by Bob Nesson, 32 min, 2014

Power to the Pedals portrays the transformative vision and extraordinary efforts of Wenzday Jane, a young woman whose mechanical skills and innovative actions are reshaping her community. Shot in an intimate, lyrical style, the film follows Wenzday as she builds an organization of riders and cargo bicycles that work in agriculture and food delivery, composting, recycling and waste-hauling — and community building. Read more Read More

Posted on October 31st, 2014

New Releases – September 2014

HollowThe Sound of Old Rooms
by Sandeep Ray, 72 min, 2011

Shot over the course of 20 years, this film traces the life of Sarthak, an Indian man who juggles his desire to be a poet with the practicalities of raising a family. Still residing in his childhood home with his mother, wife, and young son, he sleeps surrounded by books. As Sarthak leads us through the cultural consciousness of Kolkata, his experiences raise questions about the choices we make and how art and life inform one another. Read more Read More

Posted on September 19th, 2014

New Releases – August 2014 – Turning Tide: The Robbie Leppzer Collection

Robbie LeppzerRobbie Leppzer is an award-winning documentary filmmaker whose works capture the experiences of ordinary people grappling with critical issues of our time, such as war and peace, environmental protection, human rights, and cross-cultural understanding. His film, video, and public radio works remain a valuable historical record of the 20th and 21st Centuries, and encapsulate the experience of grassroots activism from a cross-section of races, religions, and ages. Read more Read More.

Feature Length Films

An Act of ConscienceAn Act of Conscience
90 min, 1997

Filmed in a cinema-verité style over a five-year period, An Act of Conscience is a feature-length documentary chronicles the story of a family in western Massachusetts whose home was seized by federal marshals and IRS agents after they publicly refused to pay federal taxes as a protest against war and military spending. Read more Read More

The Peace PatriotsThe Peace Patriots
78 min, 2005

A chronicle of the early protests against the U.S. invasion and military occupation of Iraq as seen through a diverse group of individuals, ranging in age from 14 to 75, including teenagers, college students, war veterans, teachers, clergy, and community activists, as they take part in vigils, marches, theater performances, and civil disobedience sit-ins. Read more Read More

Seabrook 1977Seabrook 1977
80 min, 1978

Seabrook 1977 is a chronicle of a seminal event of 1970sʼ environmental activism when 1,414 people were arrested in a mass civil disobedience protest at a nuclear power plant under construction in Seabrook, New Hampshire and jailed en masse in National Guard armories for two weeks. Read more Read More

Collected Short Films

Voices for PeaceVoices for Peace: Four Films on Grassroots Activism
92 min, 1984/1989/1990/2001

Four films on grassroots activists from a cross-section of races, religions, and ages as they work together to stop war. Read more Read More

Across the AmericasAcross the Americas: Indigenous Perspectives
45 min, 1992/1993

Indigenous people from North, South, and Central America speak out about their common legacies of survival and contemporary struggles over land, human rights, and the environment. Read more Read More

Building BridgesBuilding Bridges: Cross Cultural Journeys
66 min, 1985/1994/2007

In Central America, young athletes and harvest volunteers from the U.S. engage in citizen diplomacy, while in Senegal, an African-American storyteller rediscovers her African roots. Read more Read More

Posted on July 23rd, 2014

New Releases – July 2014

HollowHollow: An Interactive Documentary
by Elaine McMillion Sheldon, 104 min, 2013, Educational DVD Edition

Hollow is an interactive documentary and community participatory project that examines the future of rural America through the eyes and voices of those living in McDowell County, West Virginia. DER’s Educational DVD Edition allows guided access to 35 stories from the project, which combines video portraits, data visualizations, photography, community-generated content and grassroots mapping to bring the stories to life. Read more Read More

Root Hog or DieRoot Hog or Die
by Rawn Fulton, 56 min, 1978, Digitally Remastered 2014

Since early Colonial times, the rural hilltowns of New England have been home to generations of farmers. This film follows the cycle of the farming year, visiting with elders who reflect on farming’s deep natural patterns, and share their family histories and personal memories, while pondering the inevitable forces of technological and social change. The film portrays a living remnant of a once pervasive but rapidly vanishing way of life. Read more Read More

Posted on July 7th, 2014

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