New Releases

New Releases – December 2015

Liahona DVD coverLiahona
by Talena Sanders, color, 70 min, 2013

Liahona is an experimental documentary examining the culture, history, and lived experience of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, often referred to as the Mormon faith. The film creates a portrait of Mormonism through documentation of LDS cultural dominance in Utah, the suppressed history of folk magic in the early church, landmark Mormon life experiences, and Sanders’ personal history and connection to the church. Read more Read More

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New Releases – November 2015

Bitter Honey DVD coverBitter Honey
by Robert Lemelson, color, 81 min, 2015

An intimate and emotionally charged portrait of three polygamous families in Bali, Indonesia. Following these families over a seven year period, the film portrays the plight of Balinese co-wives, for whom marriage is frequently characterized by psychological manipulation, infidelity, domestic violence, and economic hardship. Read more Read More

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New Releases – October 2015

Mystic Mass DVD coverMystic Mass
by Karim B Haroun, color, 70 min, 2014

Every year, thousands of Shia meet in the town of Nabatiyyeh in Lebanon to commemorate the death of Imam Hussein, killed in battle in 680 A.D. With great sensitivity, Mystic Mass documents the emotional ceremony, and provides an engaging portratal of how the mass is formed, how it attains its highest mystical levels, and how it dissolves — all within a period of twenty four hours. Read more Read More

Beyond Recognition DVD coverBeyond Recognition
by Michelle Grace Steinberg, co-produced with Robyn Bykofsky, color, 25 min, 2014

After decades struggling to protect her ancestors’ burial places, a Native woman and her allies occupy a development site to prevent desecration of sacred ground. When this fails to stop the development, they vow to establish the first women-led urban Indigenous land trust. Beyond Recognition tells the inspiring story of women working to preserve Native culture and homeland in a society bent on erasing them. Read more Read More

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New Releases – September 2015

Dead Birds Re-encountered DVD coverDead Birds Re-encountered
by Robert Gardner, color, 46 min, 2013

Twenty-eight years after the making Dead Birds, Robert Gardner returned to the Highlands of New Guinea to see what had become of the Dani people and to show them the film. Dead Birds Re-encountered is a captivating, reflexive epilogue which observes the changes nearly three decades have brought to Dani life and culture, raising questions about modernization, cross-cultural relations, and the meaning of friendship. Read more Read More

African Christianity Rising DVD coverAfrican Christianity Rising
by James Ault, 4-DVD set, color, 151 min with 225 min of extras, 2013

Christianity is no longer just the religion of the West; over two-thirds of the world’s Christians now live in the global South – with Africa growing the fastest. With guidance from leading scholars, these films document the vitality and changing nature of Christianity in Africa. They explore the ways in which it is has become increasingly popular by becoming rooted more authentically in local cultures. Read more Read More

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New Releases – August 2015

Yucatec Maya Deaf Sign DVD coverYucatec Maya Deaf Sign
by Hubert Smith, color, 31 min, 2015

This film by Hubert Smith visually documents the Yucatec Maya Deaf Sign Language used within the village of Chican, Mexico. The film contains two conversations: in the first episode, three deaf young men discuss their encounters with snakes. In the second, village bachelors tackle a common topic: who can carry out a successful courtship? Full of frank good humor, this conversation also shows a hearing man participating using deaf sign. Read more Read More

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New Releases – July 2015

Common Roads DVD coverCommon Roads
by Tommi Mendel, color, 95 min, 2013

While the label of ‘pilgrim’ is still mostly associated with devout persons leaving home with purely religious motives, young people taking to the road as ‘backpackers’ are generally perceived as pleasure seeking globetrotters. Questioning these stereotypes, Common Roads follows two young women, one along the Way of St. James through France and Spain and another backpacking through Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. Read more Read More

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New Releases – June 2015

Life and Death at Preah Vihear DVD coverLife and Death at Preah Vihear
by David A. Feingold, color, 51 min, 2015

Life and Death at Preah Vihear explores why two Buddhist countries are fighting over a Hindu temple from the 11th Century because of a bad French map from the early 20th Century. Filmed over a five year period in both Thailand and Cambodia, the film uses the conflict over the ancient temple of Preah Vihear (Khmer) / Khao Phra Viharn (Thai) to illuminate current political and cultural tensions between the two countries. Read more Read More

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New Releases – May 2015

Tender DVD coverTender
by Lynette Wallworth, produced by Kath Shelper, color, 73 min, 2013

In Port Kembla, Australia, a resilient community group is determined to take back the responsibility of caring for their own dead. However, as their plans for a community-based funeral organization gather momentum, one of their own is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Tender is a heart-breaking and beautiful glimpse of an extraordinary group of people dealing with one of the most essential challenges of human life: its end. Read more Read More

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New Releases – April 2015

Swiss Yodelling - 30 Years Later DVD coverSwiss Yodelling – 30 Years Later
by Hugo Zemp, color, 71 min (plus 21 min of extras), 2015

In the early 1980s ethnomusicologist-filmmaker Hugo Zemp filmed A Swiss Yodelling Series examining the particular yodel style of the Muotatal, a small valley in the Swiss Pre-Alps. Three decades later, Zemp returns to the region to continue the investigation with the help of Bernhard, featured as a 7-year old in the original series, now a musician who performs in many genres, including a traditional yootzing group. Read more Read More

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New Releases – March 2015

Argentinian Lesson DVD coverArgentinian Lesson
by Wojciech Staroń, produced by Małgorzata Staroń, color, 59 min, 2011

With lush and intimate photography, Wojciech Staroń documents his family’s move from Poland to Argentina. Struggling to adapt in a foreign country, his 8-year-old son Janek finds a friend in Marcia, a grounded 11-year-old Argentinean of Polish descent. This uniquely cross-cultural yet universal coming-of-age story beautifully portrays the innocence of childhood surrounded by the harsh realities of adulthood. Read more Read More

Posted on March 6th, 2015 in New Releases

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