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Abstinence Comes To Albuquerque

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by Charles Stuart
color, 45 min, 2006

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Abstinence Comes to Albuquerque provides a glimpse into a nationwide debate over what young people should be taught about sexuality. Through personal stories, community profiles, and expert interviews, the program highlights the differences between a strict abstinence-only-until-marriage approach and more comprehensive sexuality education.

In the documentary film a ninth grader tells her mother that she’s heard some unusual things from a sexuality education program in her school. The family talks about their problems with the program, and a school board member speaks about its weaknesses. The film then profiles an abstinence-only-until-marriage program as well as a more balanced sexuality education program. Following the documentary are interviews with national experts on sexuality education and adolescent health.

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Discussion Guide PDF

About The Discussion Guide — The discussion guide is meant to help individuals and groups use the DVD for educational and advocacy activities that support balanced sexuality education in their communities. The guide is divided into three sections: “Background Information,” “Using This Documentary” and “Experts Answer Frequently Asked Questions.”

The first section provides background information to help you and those you work with understand the issues of sexuality education and adolescent health that are at the heart of the documentary.

In “Using This Documentary,” you will find discussion questions and ideas for using this DVD for educational purposes with parents, teens, and professionals, and for advocacy purposes with community activists, school board members, and state and local policymakers.

The final section, “Experts Answer Frequently Asked Questions,” contains a list of experts who are interviewed, and the questions they are asked. Viewers can access each expert’s interview through the menu button on the DVD and can follow along as the experts answer theseimportant questions.

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